Our faculty is highly qualified
With a wide range of experience, they are fully committed to teaching the word of God to students of our institute.

Twyla K. Hernández

Twyla K. Hernández

Doctor in Philosophy, Executive Director

Adel Robbyna

Licensed Pastor

Angel Antonio Osorio Noda

Pastor, Bachelor in Theology

Adel Antonio Robayna Diaz

Licensed Pastor, Missionary

Andy Nelson Martinez Barrero

Bachelor in Missions

Byron Mosquera

Missionary, Masters

Carlos A. De la Barra

Doctorate in Ministry, State Convention

Carlos Alberto Anzardo Jega

Pastor, Bachelor in Theology

Carlos Jimenez

Pastor, Masters

Cary Hanks

Missionary, Ed.D.

César Y. Pérez

Pastor, Doctorate

David D'Amico

PhD, Professor

Ernesto Chacon Cruz

Pastor, Doctor of Education

Ernesto Font

Pastor, Bachelors

Eduardo Torres-Martinez

Licensed Pastor

Frank Fernandez Alberteris

Licensed Pastor

Fernando Antonio Labrada Torres

Licensed Missionary

Francisco Llerena

Pastor, Bachelors

Harry Harper

Missionary, Th.M.

Heriberto Torres

Missionary, Bachelors

Ivan Yohandis Gonzalez Tamayo

Pastor, Bachelor in Theology

Jon Young

Pastor, Master in Divinity

Julkys Delgado Diaz

Pastor, Masters in Christian Leadership

Otoniel Velásquez

Licensed Pastor

Randall S. Poe

Youth Pastor, Bachelors

Simón Escareño


Selene Galbon Jaume

Professor, Licensed in Christian Education

Vincent Rivera


Emilio Zapata

Licensed Pastor

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